Tree Stand for Artificial Trees

How to set up an artificial Christmas tree stand?

How to put together an artificial Christmas tree stand? How to set up an artificial Christmas tree stand? It’s really really easy! Just read the first 4 steps of this guide for the set up. Want to know more about how to decorate the tree? Then read on to step 7 😉 Have fun!

How to set up an artificial Christmas tree stand?

Most artificial Christmas trees come with a basic (and ugly) stand. If you’re an artificial tree owner, it’s very likely you have to buy a tree skirt or drape a sheet around it so cover the bare stand. Another option is to buy a separate tree stand. It replaces the stand that came with the fake tree and is matching your Christmas decorations! You can choose from varying designs and shapes, but the set up is the same.

Did you buy a new Christmas tree stand for your artificial tree? Great! Now, let’s set it up! Here are 7 easy steps on how to set up an artificial Christmas tree stand:

Tree stand for artificial tree

1. Make sure you have all parts & right tools

Easiest way to start is with the artificial tree not being set up yet. You preferable want to start with the trunk of the tree, but without the branches. If your tree is already set up, no worries, it can be done with the complete tree too.

In case you haven’t set up the tree: first separate all parts of the artificial Christmas tree and lay everything down on the floor. Do the same for your new Christmas tree stand.

Make sure you have all tools and that both the tree and the tree stand are complete.

Pro tip: make sure you protect your floor from metal parts. Use a carpet, sheet or towel to lean your artificial tree stand on.

2. Put the Christmas tree stand together

Put the artificial Christmas tree stand together first. Sometimes a stand comes with wheels or separate legs. Imagine you have to add those to the stand when you have already put to tree together 😉 So first the base.

3. Then the trunk

When each branch is hooked into the correct ring, you can take a look at the tree from afar. You will probably see some holes in a number of places. You can fill these holes to ensure symmetry. How do you do this? Bend the twigs to different sides.

4. Connect trunk to stand

You now have two parts that can be attached together with the screws in the tree stand. Within the base of your new stand, you will see 4 screws around the tube. Place the trunk of the tree in the tube of the base. Try to keep it in the middle so the weight of the tree is equally balanced on the tree stand.

When placed in the middle, tighten the tree in the tube by using the screws. Some artificial trees come with 4 small wholes in the trunk that are made for these 4 screws. If your tree has those wholes, please use them by screwing the screws into the trunks wholes until you can’t turn them any further.

That’s it for the trunk! Now, how to set up the rest artificial Christmas tree?

5. Adding the branches

Make sure that you have unfolded all flexible branches first and bend the branches slightly upwards, so that the artificial Christmas tree cannot be distinguished from a real Christmas tree.

Most artificial Christmas trees work with a coloring system. Each branch has a colored sticker. For example, if you have a branch with a red sticker, you should look on the trunk to see which ring has a red color. When you have found the correct color ring on the trunk, you can “click” all the red branches into the ring. Press the hook hard when you’ve hooked it into the ring.

Pro tip: it is easiest to start at the highest ring when you are going to set up the artificial Christmas tree.

5. Decorate artificial Christmas tree with lights

And then it’s time to start decorating the tree! The most fun part for most 😉

How to start? First, always start with the lighting when setting up your artificial Christmas tree. Start at the bottom of the tree and work your way around it to the top. Also make sure that you sometimes put the lights a little deeper in your tree, so that the tree gets more depth.

Once you have put the lights in the artificial Christmas tree, it is useful to switch on the lighting for a while. You can then see whether the light is evenly distributed. If you only do this when the tree is completely decorated, it will be more difficult to move the lights. What makes it all a lot easier is to connect the lighting to a click-on-click-off system. You don’t have to constantly remove the power, but you can easily switch on the lighting with a remote control.

Of course you can also opt for an artificial Christmas tree with lighting. The branches already have lighting, so you will never have to worry about the lights getting tangled up again.

6. Decorate artificial tree with Christmas baubles

Christmas baubles should not be missing when setting up an artificial Christmas tree. First, take all the large Christmas baubles and give them a place in the Christmas tree. Here too it is useful to hang some balls a little deeper in the tree for more perspective. Once you have hung up all the large baubles, you can begin to hang the smaller baubles. The best thing is if you pay attention to an even distribution of the Christmas baubles in terms of color, size and material (matte, shine, glitter, etc.).

Do you like to decorate your artificial tree with other Christmas ornaments? Then do that when all the Christmas baubles are in the tree. For example, it is very trendy to hang glitter, Santa Claus and other decorative figures in the tree.

7. And finally, the tree topper

When you are completely satisfied with how the artificial Christmas tree is set up, you can put the tree topper on it. There are many different tree toppers, but the lighted star Christmas tree topper is a tree topper you must have! It gives that extra glam to your tree and it’s always a happy family moment when you turn that light on.

And tadaa, the tree is ready! Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the cozy atmosphere that the Christmas tree gives in the house.

Just a few tips on how to best set up an artificial Christmas tree:

  1. Start with the base of the artificial Christmas tree
  2. Then you can click branches in the trunk
  3. Fill gaps for a realistic effect
  4. Hanging Christmas lights in the artificial Christmas tree
  5. Decorate an artificial Christmas tree with Christmas baubles
  6. Hanging other nice decoration in the artificial Christmas tree
  7. And finally, the tree topper