Christmas Tree Collar

The Tree Nest Diamond Tabletop Stand

The award winning table top stand in geometric lines and shapes is on top off all trends.

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Welcome to Tree Nest

At Tree Nest we live and breathe Christmas. That is exactly why we’re dedicated to creating beautiful and expertly crafted tree stands and skirts which hold the essence of Christmas. Real and artificial Christmas trees. 

Select from our collection of curated styles, or work with our team to customize tree stands and skirts to accompany the unique palettes and interiors your customers love. Our sales department will work with you through the entire process to create an order that is specific to your needs. Visit our website to for the B2B collection. 


Passion to create lifestyle trends

You might say it’s our Christmas spirit that drives our passion to create beautiful, expertly crafted tree stands and skirts which hold the very beacon of Christmas decor — for real and artificial Christmas trees. Our expert design team works closely with endconsumers and retailers to create a beautiful collection of curated styles.

Christmas Tree Collar
Christmas Tree Collar


Advanced and efficient products

With the entire supply chain in our hands, we can create a finished product to meet the needs of retailers anywhere in the world. We want to collaborate with you to create a product that fits your customer, and because we are involved every step of the way, we can ensure it fits your budgets and timelines too.


A real experience

Our in-house marketing team of dedicated communications specialists work with you to promote Tree Nest products for your customer base anywhere in the world. Nobody knows our products better than us, and we’re eager to share the knowledge.

Christmas Tree Collar
Christmas Tree Collar


We do love shopping

Our sales department is a dedicated partner to retailers, and work closely with them through the entire design, manufacturing and supply process. We customize every order to meet the needs of retailers.


We would love to help

Need help making a selection? Have a question? Contact us and a member of our team will help you find the perfect Christmas tree stand or skirts to meet your vision for the holidays. Visit our website to for the B2B collection

Christmas Tree Collar

Meet the Team

Our team of design, marketing, sales, production and logistic experts are ready for you.

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Smart Christmas Tree Stand
January 25-29
Frankfurt, Germany


No matter what your plans or your customers’ requirements, here you’ll find decorations for all celebrations.

Rustic Christmas Tree Stand
October 23-27
Guangdong, China


Founded on superior craftsmanship, sophisticated style and all-around jolliness. I hope you can visit our stand.

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Tree Stand for Artificial Tree

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Tree stand for artificial tree

Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand One is an object designed to support a carved, natural or artificial Christmas tree. Christmas tree stand (s) appeared as early as 1876 and have had various designs over the years. History Christmas tree stands have been around since 1876, when Arthur’s Illustrated Home Magazine suggested connecting one to a flower stand…. Read more

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Christmas Tree Collar

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