12 Amazing Christmas Traditions Worldwide

Christmas is about so many different things: food, family, friends and much more. But perhaps what makes the holidays even more fun is the fact that countries around the world have developed their own Christmas traditions. We’re highlighting some strikingly cool or cute ones for you – feel free to get in on the action… Read more

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The wonderful world of the artificial Christmas tree

The wonderful world of the artificial Christmas tree Some people swear by it, nothing but a real Christmas tree with the smell of pine needles in the house. But this is not always practical in connection with pets, allergies, children or the fact that you are constantly cleaning up needles. A great invention has been… Read more


Origin of the Christmas tree

Brief history and origin of the Christmas tree The Christmas tree is set up every year by many people to increase the atmosphere around Christmas in the house. About 2.5 million Christmas trees are sold in the Netherlands every year: an enormous number. Many people combine the use of the Christmas tree with the distribution… Read more

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Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand One is an object designed to support a carved, natural or artificial Christmas tree. Christmas tree stand (s) appeared as early as 1876 and have had various designs over the years. History Christmas tree stands have been around since 1876, when Arthur’s Illustrated Home Magazine suggested connecting one to a flower stand…. Read more


Tree Nest Customer Experiences

Christmas Tree Stands with water capacity We are always excited during this time of the year. Looking for the most beautiful Christmas tree is a true feast/party. As a family, we are searching for the best one. Our favorite tree is the Nordman. The full green needles are a feast for the eyes. To keep this tree… Read more

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These are the 2021 Christmas Trends

BUYING CAN BEGIN: THESE ARE THE 2021 CHRISTMAS TRENDS If you love Christmas, probably not a year goes by without purchasing new Christmas decorations and baubles. Do you like to respond to trends? Even when it comes to Christmas decorations? Then these are the Christmas trends for 2021. From powdery shades to Christmas balls with… Read more


Keep your Christmas Tree fresh with these Christmas Tree Stands

How long do Christmas trees last? With proper care, most real Christmas trees should last at least five weeks or more. That means, if you decorate for Christmas in late November, your tree should survive beyond the holiday festivities. Follow these tips to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh long after it’s cut. 1. Choose… Read more

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How to set up an artificial Christmas tree stand?

How to put together an artificial Christmas tree stand? How to set up an artificial Christmas tree stand? It’s really really easy! Just read the first 4 steps of this guide for the set up. Want to know more about how to decorate the tree? Then read on to step 7 😉 Have fun! How… Read more