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Christmas Tree Stands with water capacity
We are always excited during this time of the year. Looking for the most beautiful Christmas tree is a true feast/party. As a family, we are searching for the best one. Our favorite tree is the Nordman. The full green needles are a feast for the eyes. To keep this tree looking beautiful and green, it naturally needs water. Tree Nest was the solution for us, with an extensive collection of Christmas tree stands, most of which are equipped with a special water reservoir. Ideal for the tree and a long and happy Christmas.
Table Top Christmas Tree Stands
Every year, I have difficulties finding a suitable Christmas tree stand to fit in my small city apartment. Standard models are too big. Preferably, I would have a small stand for the tree on my table, but I have never been able to find a stand that is suitable. Last year I discovered Tree Nest with a wide range of table top models aside from the regular collection of Christmas Tree stands and skirts. It was a perfect match and an excellent size for my table. Even better, the table top stands come in different designs, materials and colors to blend with different home styles.
Christmas Tree Stands for Real and Artificial Christmas trees, with the Converter
Every year I see many beautiful Christmas tree stands. I myself have an artificial Christmas tree and use a skirt to hide the less attractive foot. However, I think it would be so nice to have a Christmas tree stand made of wood and steel with a somewhat rustic look to it, but also one that is suited for artificial Christmas trees. Recently I found a converter online, a special part that you put in an ordinary Christmas tree stand, making it also suitable for artificial trees. Really ideal.
Move your Christmas Tree around the house with the Movable
Our evenings during Christmas always start at the dinner table. Festive diners, chats and enjoying our cozy and festive house. However, the Christmas tree is hidden in the living room near the couch. It would be a godsend if the Christmas Tree had wheels to facilitate moving it to wherever we would like to enjoy it. With the Tree Nest and movable stand, our cozy evenings with the family playing games are now complete.
Christmas Tree Stand Trends, Styles and Designs 
I am very conscious of trends, I want to continuously update my house with the latest and greatest to create a cozy atmosphere. At Christmastime, I aim and decorate every room in its own experience. I mainly pay attention to color, shapes and materials. We always have a real Christmas tree in the house and I like to adapt the Christmas tree stand to the space so that it looks nice. Tree Nest has a diverse collection of stands in the most diverse styles, colours, finishes, and material combinations. From wood and steel to plastic and fabrics, you really notice that they pay attention to the finishing. Paying attention to these trends is highly recommended if you want to bring design  effectively into your home.
Store your Artificial Christmas Tree in this storage bag 
Where we live it is difficult to buy a real Christmas tree, which is why we have an artificial Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the original box is completely destroyed, loose branches and parts clutter the attic. We have been looking for a good box or suitcase in which we can neatly store the tree for years. During our online search we came across Tree Nest. In addition to making various Christmas tree stands, skirts and tabletops, they also make bags especially for the storage of artificial Christmas trees. These bags come in different sizes and colours, they are really ideal, our Christmas tree is protected, will last longer and our attic is neat and tidy.